Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Pants.

Shirt: Target
Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: Born
Necklace: Down East

Do you remember that I was not going to buy clothes for six months? I didn't quite make it. I broke down and bought these pants. I have been looking for linen pants, and I really wanted these, so I ended my goal of no clothes shopping. Even though I didn't make it six months, the goal worked to slow down my shopping.

I made it four months.
So good job, me.  

I like to celebrate the positive anytime I can.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Around the interwebz the last bit, I have watched/read/seen the Dove Beauty campaign.  I have read/seen/heard responses to this same campaign.  

Do you know what struck me the most? That so few women think they are beautiful.  What the?

There is so much beauty in the world, and one of the most beautiful things in the entire world are the women in it.  

So this is my beauty campaign. 

My name is Emily, and I am 

 You are beautiful.  We are all beautiful.

Spread the word. 

P.S. If you don't think you are beautiful- try saying it over and over again- it helps to really believe it.  If that doesn't work, let me know, I will tell you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sri Lankan New Year.

Pictures thanks to friends and Facebook.
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Made by a local tailor
Shoes: Born

It's the Sinhala/Tamil New Year around here, which is pretty much the biggest holiday around these parts.  Today at Jack's school, we had a really fun celebration, in which they asked for parent volunteers to eat buns on a string. One of my friends told me I should go up, and that was all I needed to get up and participate.  Guess what? I won.  Yes I did, although, I didn't swallow the whole thing, so I'm not sure how legit it was.  Even so, it was a lot of fun.

Oh, and I cut my hair again. Just so you know, I love it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How sweat affects my choices.




I'm still here. I have been quite wrapped up in life around here; Ben is out of town again, there have been Easter parties to help with, and a lot of studying. There have been a few great outfits, but life has gotten in the way of taking pictures of said outfits. I didn't even get a picture on Easter. I know. I'm pretty lame.

One more thing. I love hot weather. I would rather be hot than cold any day. However, I am finding the lack of variance in temperature difficult to dress for. I am feeling unmotivated. My only goal most days is to wear something that won't show sweat. Since sweat is inevitable, my goal is to hide it the best I can. No matter how fashionable the outfit, if there are sweat marks, it seriously lessens the appeal. There you have it. One of the thoughts running through my head.