Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How sweat affects my choices.




I'm still here. I have been quite wrapped up in life around here; Ben is out of town again, there have been Easter parties to help with, and a lot of studying. There have been a few great outfits, but life has gotten in the way of taking pictures of said outfits. I didn't even get a picture on Easter. I know. I'm pretty lame.

One more thing. I love hot weather. I would rather be hot than cold any day. However, I am finding the lack of variance in temperature difficult to dress for. I am feeling unmotivated. My only goal most days is to wear something that won't show sweat. Since sweat is inevitable, my goal is to hide it the best I can. No matter how fashionable the outfit, if there are sweat marks, it seriously lessens the appeal. There you have it. One of the thoughts running through my head.



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