Friday, December 28, 2012

Florals and contemplation.

Shirt: Neiman Marcus
Shorts:  JCrew
Necklace, Bauble Bar; Bracelets,
Shoes:  Old.  I think DSW.  Seychelles brand.

I am actually talking on the phone in the top picture, a very serious (obviously) conversation with my husband.

I paid way too much for this shirt.  It is a really cute shirt, but I think I could have found something I like just as much, for less.  The truth is, once you put something on, no one will know how much you paid for it.  Whether it was $1.00 or $100, no one will know (well, sometimes there are exceptions to this, but that is for another day); sometimes the extra money is worth it, and sometimes it is not.  Oh, and the tag says "Dry Clean Only".  I only realized that AFTER I washed it.  Don't worry, it's fine.

Also, when I opened this necklace, there was a personalized, handwritten message from BaubleBar.  I was so excited!  How many companies do that?  It makes me want to order more from them.

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