Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My buddy.

Dress: Kohls
Undershirt: Shade
Belt: Cut off of a shirt from Anthropologie
Necklace: Target
Bracelets: Stella and Dot
Shoes: JCrew

Thomas is my little buddy.  He is my boy that doesn't like me to leave him, and loves to cuddle. Just this morning before I took him to preschool, he sat on my lap and gave me the biggest hug, and then he stayed that way for a few minutes. He is also the one that likes to lift my skirts/dresses and hide in them. It is rather awkward sometimes, but usually, it just makes me laugh. In these pictures, he was ready for his snack, and was trying to make me hurry.  
If you will also notice his outfit- he usually picks his own clothes, and doesn't always choose what I would. I don't mind, I think it is awesome that he picks his own clothes, you know, one less thing for me to do. Also, right now, we are in the final stages of potty training, and dressing in clothes that are easy to take on/off and wash is pretty important.

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