Thursday, March 21, 2013


Is the timer on? 

Yellow Dress: Made here
Blue Shoes: JCrew
Red Belt: Target
Necklace: Nordstrom (Kate Spade)

This and That Thursday.

I love putting the primary colors together.  They always make life a little more cheery, and when the main color is yellow, it is hard to be anything but cheery. 

I went to Jack's school today, and several of the Kindergarten girls LOVED my shoes.  I have to agree with them, as they are currently my favorite pair of shoes.  They are the perfect color blue with a metallic finish. I bought them at JCrew on Sale.  I didn't see them currently on their website, but they have some really cute ones on sale.

As you will notice I took pictures on the roof today. I thought it would be a fun change to take pictures up there, but the pictures didn't go as well as I wanted it to.  Now I know.  

It is hot here (have I mentioned that before?). The difference between hot here and hot in the States, is in Sri Lanka, there are a lot of places without air conditioners.  This has been difficult for me because I want to wear nice clothes, but sweat marks tend to make any outfit look sloppy. I lose my desire to wear nice things when it is so hot.  Even though I would like to think that I wear great outfits all the time, it just isn't so.


  1. Good job. I probably would have fallen and broke the camera. So I call that a win!

  2. hi!!! :) your look is amazing!
    come and see my blog if you have time