Saturday, January 5, 2013

Purple Shoes

Getting my pose on.

Shirt: BodenUSA, Skirt: Anthropologie (old), Shoes: JCrew, Belt: so old I don't even know.
Necklace: Bauble Bar
Bracelets: local, groopdealz and the purple bangle is from Michael's (the craft store) $1 bin

JCrew.  Anthropolgie.  I love them, but sometimes they are expensive.  I hardly ever buy anything full price at either place.  The best is when the sale items are on sale.  That is when I shop.  
I do do try to shop locally, and I have found some items that I love.  
There are several clothing factories that produce clothes for JCrew, Gap, and many others.  Look on your clothing tags, you may find one that says "Made in Sri Lanka".  

You would think that with all of these factories, you would be able to find clothing from these places.  Unfortunately, they only sell the cast offs here, which is prefect for some items, and inexpensive.  Everything else is exported. 
There are other stores that sell regular clothing- that is to say- not cast offs, but sometimes I just want to stick to my favorites.  My own tried-and-trues.  
Besides, when I order clothes from my favorite stores, I get a package, and my life is validated every time I open a package.  But that is a therapy session for another day.

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