Thursday, January 31, 2013

Unexpected adventure and swooning.

Ben and I often go on lunch dates. We have a few favorite places that we go to, and when we went out today, our favorite hole-in-the-wall Chinese food place was closed. Although terribly disappointed, we ventured into a new restaurant. As a side note- trying a new restaurant here can be an adventure (or misadventure) in digestive strength, so walking into a new place is a big deal.

The restaurant was clean and modern, and they even had a football game (soccer for my fellow Americans) being projected on the wall. After the game, a commentary show came on and one of the co-hosts had the sweetest outfit on. As soon as I saw the bow tie, cardigan, and yellow trainers, I was smitten (with the outfit, not the guy). He looks so dapper yet the jeans and the trainers make it casual, and appealing to the "I only wear jeans" crowd. Even my dear, sweet, ultra casual husband said he would wear something like this. He did have a few conditions though, he would not wear it to work, and not while we live here, as it it too hot to sport a cardigan. Nonetheless, he would wear it! I call that a winner.


I give you my bodacious inspiration:

P.S. Did you notice the use of trainers rather than sneakers or shoes? Trainers is what my five year old calls his shoes now that he goes to his hoity-toity international school. You know, when in Rome...or a former British colony...


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