Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rain boots.

Exposed zippers are one of my favorite embellishments.

I love this picture (above).  This is very much a mommy moment.  I don't know what he was doing, but apparently Thomas needed "the look".

This is Thomas with his Dora umbrella.  He loves that umbrella.
Having a little fun in the rain.

Dress: Bohme Boutique (I think it's a Utah thing?)
Collar Necklace and Gold and black bracelet: Nordstrom
Black and white bracelet: Local Botique
Belt: JCrew
Slip:  A Slip Shop 
Boots: Target (A gift from a friend)

When I found out we were moving to Sri Lanka, one of the first things I found out was the weather here is divided into two seasons; dry monsoon and wet monsoon.  That meant that I needed some rain boots.  I was so excited to need  rain boots.  I told everyone about this excitement, and a very good friend bought me this pair for my birthday.  Hooray for perfect gifts and awesome friends. I wear my rain boots whenever I can. 
 Are rain boots the ideal shoe for this outfit?  Probably not.  Are rain boots ideal for walking on our puddle ridden street?  Absolutely.  You can probably see that our street is almost all dirt and rocks, and since we don't have a car here, we do a lot of walking.  When it rains our street turns to mud and puddles, which is the perfect recipe for rain boots.  

And for Thomas, rain boots and a Dora umbrella is a perfect combination for jumping in puddles. 

It was a good rain day.

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